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"Talking Back to the Voice in Your Head"

"Talking Back to the Voice in Your Head"

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We all have negative thoughts about ourselves from time to time.  This gift book helps us to remember that we can control and change the thoughts in our head.

This book follows a bear who is weighed down with negative thoughts.  Each thought is on a sticky note and follows him wherever he goes.  The story explores where those thoughts originated (tv, family, friends, etc).   When the bear can't take the weight and volume of thoughts any longer, he begins to analyze the thoughts that come into his head and change them to positive thoughts.  Now the sticky notes that trail after him are filled with positive affirmations and his future gets brighter.  

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The book is 6.25” square paperback with a glossy cover and full color pages.  It is printed on top-quality, heavy weight paper.  An optional white 7" x 7" envelope is offered. 

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