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Flap Me Over

Flap Me Over

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Flap Me Over

Pillow, padded heart surrounded by lace on the outside flap with "I love you" hand stamped in red ink.  The heart is on a flap that is 4 1/2 x 3 in size.  Lift the flap to the right to reveal beautiful patterned paper.  Open the second flap to the left to reveal 3 small hand stamped hearts in red ink on the bottom right hand corner. 

 Inside saying 

I know sometimes I'm difficult and stubborn...but you have to admit I am totally worth it.  


    Doreen will accept cash or checks from Winding River residents, so just contact her directly ( to order.

    Free delivery in Winding River.  Outside of Winding River, please arrange for delivery/pickup.  

    Vendor: Doreen Brennan

    Thank you for your support and interest in my cards

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