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*I maintain an inventory of 100+ charcuterie boards of all shapes and sizes. Sizes range from 11"x7" to 32"x13"); symmetrical/ asymmetrical and traditional/ non-traditional boards available. Unless a customer requests otherwise, double sided boards (i.e. those with a grooved well) are typically engraved on the reverse side of the board in order to maintain the integrity and usability of the board while keeping the beauty of the engraved work. 

*Types of wood: Acacia, Bamboo, Rubberwood, Olive, Teak. Some boards/ coasters feature acacia/ marble combinations. Colors range from light to dark. Some boards can be stained with color, if desired.

*Engravings can be customized to meet customer requirements. In most cases, I am able to convert handwriting (i.e. recipes, a special card, etc) into a vector file and engrave onto  desired surface. Depending on quality, photos may also be engraveable.  

*I have created my own and invested in hundreds of files. Any that are seen in photos are reproducible. Themes include, but are not limited to: Faith, inspirational, motivational, coastal, coffee, America, American pride, summer, camping, fall, harvest, winter, Christmas, memorial (loss of loved one).  

*Blank pinewood oars are also available for customization. Sizes available: 29"x4" and 24"x5.5".

If you want a design you do not see, please call me.  

Vendor:  Sherri Muse    phone: ?

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